3 Ways to Wear a LBD this Fall


If you don’t have a little black dress (aka LBD) then you most definitely need one.  They are appropriate for practically any event, super versatile, and can be styled endlessly.  My absolute favorite black dress that I own is this one.  It comes in so many colors to choose from, is flattering on every body type, and its under $60.  I own it in three colors and I wear it practically every week. My most worn one is definitely the black one since its a great neutral color and it’s easy to pair with a bunch of different items.  I’m also linking an extremely similar and even more affordable version here.  I haven’t tried it myself yet but I really want to purchase it and review it for you all very soon.  Until then, I’ll be focusing on styling this little black dress three different ways so you can up your style this season.

Everyday Ease


Outfit Details

Dress | Cardigan | Shoes

This look is how I typically wear this dress throughout the week.  As you know I am obsessed with cardigans and I am loving this light blush color lately.  These Tory Burch sandals are my absolute favorite sandal and I wear them almost every day.  This look is easy for walking around town, having lunch with your girls, and basically is a perfect look for any event!  You could even add a bootie or over the knee boot if the weather is a little chilly!


Office Chic


Outfit Details

Dress | Cardigan | Shoes

So I now this look is extremely similar to the one shown above, but it’s so good for everyday wear and looks professional for work or church!  It’s conservative enough for the office and all you have to do is take the sweater off and you are ready for happy hour with your girls!  I also love this look with a blazer.  I haven’t gotten a blazer yet but it’s definitely on my wish list!  This one is the one I’m majorly crushing on at the moment in case you want to shop it.  I can’t wait to pair this dress with a blazer.  This dress and blazer combination would even look cute with flats or sandals for a dressy casual look.


Weekend Vibes


Outfit Details

Dress | Flannel | Shoes

Last but not least is my favorite time of the week and my favorite look!  I am such a sucker for some sporty chic style and this one doesn’t disappoint!  Fall means flannels and this outfit is definitely giving me the fall vibes with this black and white flannel.  I love having the flannel tied around my waist because it accentuates the smallest part of your body (which means uber flattering) and if you get cold, you can just unknot it and throw it on!  Also I just got these sneakers a few months ago and I can’t stop wearing them.  I really needed a black pair of tennis shoes to match some more outfits and mine were getting worn out so I invested in these (under a hundred) and I’m so glad I did! they are so lightweight and comfortable.  I sized down half a size and they fit like a glove!  I love them so much that I ordered another pair in a different color!

A little black dress that’s this versatile is a definite must have in your closet! For size reference, I’m wearing a medium and it’s more of a body con style so if you want more wiggle room, size up!  Follow me on instagram @everydayxelizabeth to get more fashion inspiration in your life! Xx

Trending Fall Styles

CamoCamo 2

Keeping this one short and sweet.  Here are the top three fall trends that you need to know to stay on trend this season:

Animal Prints & Camouflage

This season, camo, snakeskin, and leopard print are all the rage!  Personally, I tend to be drawn more to solids but I am so obsessed with these prints!  I have a few camo tops that I love but I have yet to find a leopard print item to purchase yet.  When it comes to leopard print, the most featured (and popular) clothing item by far in this style are shoes.  Since leopard print is neutral, it’s easy to pair with your favorite basics to add a little flare.

I don’t know about you, but I am loving the camouflage trend going on right now.  I thought this trend would be over after summer but I’m so glad it’s still going on!  You can find really cute pieces from sweats to jeans to jackets and tees!  I have a few camo tees and I wear them every week because they are simple and easy to pair with my favorite cardigans and denim or leggings.

Recently, I’ve hopped on the snakeskin print bandwagon and hey…. I’m not ashamed of it!  Lately, I’ve been attracted to the grey and white patterns and even some of the nude ones too.  I guess you could say that I love a good trend in neutral colors since it adds a small and subtle touch to every outfit no matter what you wear!  I have a pair of snakeskin mules on my wishlist for this season so I’m hoping to get those sometime soon.

Items I’m Loving


Camo Clare Tee ($38) | Nana Bootie ($99.95) | SPANX Seamless Legging ($68)


This trend is super popular in sweaters right now and you can find some really adorable ones for a really good price!  I typically stick to neutrals so I’m waiting for the perfect one to catch my eye before I die into this trend but I’m loving the color combinations in so many of these color block sweaters so much.  Sometimes it’s nice to add a pop of color into  your fall wardrobe.  If you haven’t noticed, I love to have a comfortable, casual, and cool style so oversized sweaters are right up my alley.  They are cozy enough to wear all day and pair with jeans/leggings so well and also look great with denim shorts or joggers when fall weather isn’t in full swing yet.

Items I’m Loving


Mock Neck Sweater ($49) | Olive Color Block Cardigan ($44) | Mauve Sweater ($48)


Okay okay.  The last fall trend I want to talk about are hats.  The only hats that I used to wear were baseball caps.  Though I still wear those constantly, I have recently found my love for a different type of hat.  These hats dress up any outfit and bring your look to the next level.  I have a black one and I wear it as often as I can because I can’t get enough of how perfect it makes all of my looks.  I’m buying a nude one soon so I can create even more looks.  Berets are also coming back into style which makes for a great accessory as well.

Items I’m Loving


Panama Hat in Rose ($20) | Wool Beret in Tan ($13) | Felt Floppy Hat in black ($23)


Thats all I have for current fall trends in this blog post! Check out my instagram @everydayxelizabeth to see more fall looks & how outfit inspiration!

Top 10 Basics for a Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Red thermalRed Thermal 3Red thermal 2

Outfit Details

Thermal | Leggings | Sneakers 

Do you absolutely love fall but don’t have the budget (or space) to have tons of trending fall looks?  I’ve created a fall capsule wardrobe that will get you through the season while making endless fall styles without breaking the bank by just having my top 10 fall basics.

My Top 10 Fall Basics



I feel like this one is a given.  Long sleeve basic tees are a great staple piece to have in your closet.  I’d recommend focusing more on neutral colors to have more freedom with mixing and matching.  Specifically I would try to have a white, black, grey, and maybe a striped tee as well.  I have a few of these tees and I love them.


So I know every single girl has a few pairs of their favorite leggings lying around.  Heck I have a whole drawer of my go-to leggings.  A favorite black legging is always a staple for any time of year, especially if they hold up with wear and are a good price.  Like I’ve said before, these are my favorites as far as athletic types go.  Those are also good for wearing longer tops and sweatshirts with as well.  It’s also great to have one pair of faux leather leggings.  These add an edgy flare to any outfit and are still more comfortable than real pants.  Here is a splurge pair that really suck you in and aren’t see through (size up).  I invested in a pair last year and they held up great and I wore them all the time when I wanted to look more put together but still not wear pants.  I’ve also heard that these are a good less expensive option.


There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans to make a girl feel confident.  A quality dark wash skinny jean with little to no distressing is a very versatile option.  My favorite type are these because they fit my body really well (I wear my normal size) and don’t stretch out.  I also love the look of thesebut they are more of a splurge piece.


These boots go with everything and add a little edgy flare and sexiness to every look. Over the knee boots make your legs look longer when worn with jeans and they also make mini skirts, rompers, jumpers, and shorts appropriate for fall weather.  They keep you warm and balance out shorter pieces.  Prices can vary depending on the quality or brand you are looking for but I have these in both black and taupe and I love them (and you can’t beat the price).  They aren’t too high and don’t slide down (normal size or size up .5 for thicker socks).  I’ve heard great things about these too.


A basic and comfortable bootie is a great shoe option for fall.  They pair well with everything and can be dressed up or down.  I’d recommend a nude or taupe pair to be easily paired with any color.  I absolutely love these as a dressier option or these for a more casual/everyday vibe.


Cardigans are a year round item for me.  I wear them almost every day since I get chilly at random throughout the day and it’s easy to slip on and off.  They look great with shorts and tanks, dresses and over the knee boots, or leggings and a tee.  For a capsule wardrobe, neutral colors are best to pair limitlessly but it’s good to have one colorful or printed on as well, just to shake things up a little.  I’ve been loving this one lately and it comes in a lot of color options to choose from.


I only own one flannel.  It’s black and white and made from the traditional thermal fabric.  I’ve had it for years so I can’t find it anymore but this one is really similar and it has great reviews too.  Flannels add a casual vibe to outfits when tied around your waist and can be worn with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts.  Just one flannel makes endless combinations when paired with your favorite items.


These could fall under the long sleeve tee category, but I wanted to give them their own spot on the list because I have a few things to say about them.  First of all, I am obsessed with thermals and henley tops.  They are extremely comfortable and there are so many different styles out there at many different prices.  This one is extremely popular and comes in so many colors.  Also this one is a great option that’s very similar and less expensive as well.  I have the rust color and I’ve already worn it so many different ways (normal size).  When it comes to henleys, I love a comfortable basic tee with a little flare.  I just love the little button detailing on these tees.  They look cute buttoned all the way up or unbuttoned a little and are a great option for nursing mammas too.  I recently purchased these.  I’m still waiting for them to be delivered but they were only about $12 so I’m excited to try them out.  I also love a flowy style henley like these that are on my wish list.  These are a good splurge option (normal size) and are so amazing that I own five of them.  These and these also have great reviews.


A basic dress is a staple for any season, but it’s great to have that one dress that is flattering and super versatile.  If I’m being honest, this one is it.  It’s under $60, has tons of color options, and comes in a long sleeve option as well.  It’s form fitting so size up if you want a looser fit.  I own three of these and I wear them all the time.  This is a great style dress for every body type.  This one is almost exactly the same but less expensive as well.


Last but not least… a chunky sweater is a must in order to complete your fall capsule wardrobe.  there’s something about an oversized sweater that makes you feel super warm and cozy but still looking cool and comfortable.  I have this one on my wish list, it comes in three colors + it’s 40% off with code COZY40.  Chunky sweaters pair well with leggings, shorts, skirts, and jeans.  Tuck it in the front to show off a statement belt!


With these pieces, you can survive the fall weather while looking put together while still staying in your budget.  For a capsule wardrobe try to stick to all neutrals or your favorite color combinations so you have endless ways to pair looks for any occasion.  Follow me on Instagram @everydayxelizabeth to get more style inspiration this fall! Xx


My Nightly Skincare Routine

N Skin 6N Skin 1N Skin 5N Skin 4N Skin 8N Skin 2N Skin 3N Skin 7

If you have been following me for the past few months, you know that I am a major skincare fanatic.  I love all things makeup and beauty and the best way to look and feel beautiful is with your skin.  It is so important to take care of your skin and to keep it healthy, you always want to avoid premature aging and potential skin cancer.  Clean skin is happy skin so I want to share my night time skin care regime with you all!

If you don’t know, for the past two years I’ve suffered from cystic acne.  Years ago, I hardly had any breakouts unless it was around that time of the month but due to some birth control issues I developed cystic acne and let me tell you…. it is definitely not pretty and my face was hurting all the time.  I started to wear more makeup to try to cover up my unsightly blemishes but it made things worse and my confidence plummeted.  I’ve always taken care of my skin since I was around eleven or twelve but I never thought my face would become as bad as it was.

After months of dermatologists appointments and trying every breakout treatment, facial, and wash under the sun, and was about to try Acutane… it wasn’t until I switched to a new dermatologist to finally take control of my acne.  About a year has past since I started taking medication and using a few prescription topical creams; but I’ve recently changed up my routine and added some new products that I’m loving and wanted to share my most recent nightly skin routine.

Step 1: Remove Makeup

To kick off my routine, if I wear makeup that day (which I normally do) I take my makeup off with these micellar water facial wipes.  I used to use a cotton pad and makeup remover from a bottle but I started to get eyelash extensions so I switched to these.  Normally with makeup wipes, I feel like they don’t take off all of my makeup and they would leave an oily residue on my skin which made me frightful of future breakouts, but these wipes make my skin feel like it can breathe and they don’t leave any trace of residue.

Step 2: Cleanser

When I first learned a real skin care routine, I started off using only Lancome products.  Though they tend to last a long time, they quickly became expensive so I went on the hunt to find a skincare line that was just as good and soothed my sensitive skin.  That’s when I decided to give Clinique a go.  I’ve always known this brand works miracles for sensitive and acne prone skin, but I never really had the urge to try it until a few months ago when I ran out of my usual toner.  I truly love this cleanser because it’s so basic, doesn’t irritate my skin, and I actually feel clean when I’m done washing my face.  I also mix this cleanser with a prescription face wash and use my all time favorite Foreo Luna FoFo.  The vibrations cause the cleansers to get foamy and really soak deep into my pores.  I also feel better about not using my hands to wash my face so I can avoid adding oils or germs to my skin.

Step 3: Toner

This brand has a few different types of products to suit your skin type.  In toner, They have four different ones to suit your needs.  I have dry skin from my prescription topical creams so I use the type two formula.  Toner is really good for balancing your skin out, evens out skin tone, and helps get rid of dark spots.  This toner is so refreshing and cools your face down as you glide it across your skin.  It also pulls out any excess makeup or tanner from your face as well.  I got a large bottle and it has lasted me for over two months so far and also came with a pump cap as well as a travel twist cap.

Step 4: Topical Treatments

Along with my prescription topical gels, I recently added this blemish clearing gel.  It smells great and really does work.  It targets acne and blackheads without drying out your skin.  If I have a pimple, I use it as a spot treatment.  I also use it where I tend to get blackheads and I’ve seen a reduction of them as well.  Sometimes when I’m nervous a breakout is coming on, I’ll apply a thin layer of gel all over my face and I wake up with crystal clear skin!  I am such a fan of this topical gel and I recommend it to everyone!

Step 5: Moisturize

The best way to soothe your skin is to moisturize.  This is my favorite part of my routine. After I use this moisturizing lotion my skin feels soft, supple, and calm.  I use the lotion for my dry skin but they also make a moisturizing gel for oily skin types as well.  I’m absolutely in love with this moisturizer because it’s so lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin oily.  I use it all over my face and on my neck to keep it soft and to avoid wrinkles.

Step 6: Oil

I could always use some extra softening and moisturizing so I recently added this luxury marula oil to my routine.  Let me warn you that this oil is a little pricey, but it has done wonders for my skin.  I’ve heard that you can find organic marula oil for less than the one I currently use so I’m planning on researching more on that once I run low on this one.  This oil has made such a difference in my skin.  A little goes a long way so I use about three drops at a time.  The oil has made my skin so moisturized and when I wake up the next morning I have an even skin tone, blemish free skin, and I’m glowing from this oil.  It is universal to every single skin type so you shouldn’t be worried about a reaction to it.  I was skeptical at first but I am so happy I took the plunge and invested in this stuff. If you’re thinking about purchasing any skin care items I highly reccomend this one.  They make a smaller sized bottle for less and it should still last a really long time!

You can get my three favorite full size cleansing products and three travel items in this kit for dry skin or this one for oily skin which I actually purchased when first trying out these products.  They also make mini kits like this dry skin introduction kit  and this oily skin introduction kit as well if you want to try them out first to see if these products are right for you

That’s all I have for my latest nightly skin care routine! Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram @everydayxelizabeth to stay up to date on all of my beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips! Xx

Fall Home Decor | How To Decorate A Small Space

Bar Cart 2Glam Room 6Living Room 1Dining 1Living Room 4

The only time I decorate my house is for the fall and winter holidays.  Even then I don’t go all out and have thousands of seasonal decorations because: a) I’m balling on a budget just like everyone else, b) it’s not practical, c) I like my house to be organized and tidy, and d) I don’t have enough room in my home to have boxes on boxes of seasonal items.  I live in an apartment at the moment and though it is bigger than the apartments I’ve lived in in college, it’s still not super spacious.  Over the years I’ve found ways to add seasonal touches to my home that don’t overpower your existing decor and doesn’t take up too much space.

My entire home is decorated with the same color scheme so it’s easy for me to move things around the house and give each room a new look without having anything clashing with each other.  When it comes to fall decor, I continue to stick with a complimentary color scheme.  Along with the style of decor, I don’t really buy any budget busting items so I find everything from craft stores, Target, Homegoods, TJMaxx, etc.  I’ll try to link everything I can or link similar items for you all!


Bar Cart 2Bar Cart 7Bar Cart 3Bar Cart 5Bar Cart 4Bar Cart 1Bar Cart 13Bar Cart 14

Apothecary Jar | Mini Pumpkins | Frame | Mugs | Cake Stand | White Pumpkin | Bar CartBasket | Straws | Napkins | Coasters | Mercury Pumpkin

I’ve had this bar cart since my senior year of college.  I was dying to make my apartment super glam and girly since I was living on my own with just my pup at the time and I ended up buying it for a baby shower to use as a mimosa bar and then I kept it for myself after!  Bar carts can get super pricey so I found this one on sale and went for it. Bar carts can be used for so many things.  I’ve seen them in offices as coffee bars, closet displays with shoes and accessories on it, and used as nightstands for everyday storage.  I just use mine as a traditional bar cart to add a glam staple piece in my space.

I normally have a vase of flowers but I switched it out for an apothecary jar with little grey and white pumpkins inside.  Originally, the grey pumpkins were orange but the color was staining everything so I decided paint them myself.  I also added a cake stand with a pumpkin on top to weigh down my cocktail napkins.  This fall printable I made myself but Pinterest has some super cute (and free) fall printables as well.  Lastly, I switched around my bar cart storage on the bottom shelf to add this mercury style pumpkin that matches my lamp.  My bar cart is my absolute favorite item in my home and I will most likely own it for the rest of my life!  I can’t wait to be a hostess for the holidays and dress it up for a holiday party or dinner.


Living Room 1Living Room 2Lovong Room 3Living Room 4

Grey Pumpkins | Small Pumpkins | Basket | Throw Pillow

Since Zach and I spend most of our time in the living room and kitchen area, I decided to concentrate most of the decor in here.  These two grey pumpkins in the basket were originally orange but I painted them to match my home.  You can find inexpensive faux pumpkins at craft stores and decorate them anyway you want.  On my coffee table I went ahead and kept the same tablescape the same but removed the candles that are normally there and added small pumpkins and a fall scented candle.  White Barn candles are my favorite but lately I’ve been finding great quality candles for really affordable prices at Marshalls and TJMaxx.  My fall pillow is older from Target but there are cute fall throw pillows everywhere this time of year.


Dining 1Dining 3Dining 2Kitchen 2Kitchen 1

Salt + Pepper Shakers | White + Gold Pumpkins | Tray | Pinecones 

I chose to keep the kitchen decorating to a minimal since its highly used throughout the day and we cook and clean everyday so it would be a pain to move unnecessary things around all the time.  All I added was a small fall candle, two baby pumpkins, fall salt and pepper shakers from Publix, and decorative dish towels I received as a gift.  I love our dining nook with this tray I found that I’m probably going to use during winter as well and added some candles and pine cone vase filler.  Like I said, simplicity is bliss!


Guest Bath 2Guest Bath 1Master Bath 1Master Bath 2Master Bath 3

Pumpkin Jar | Pumpkin Vase Filler 

I’m going to keep these rooms short and sweet.  Just added some pumpkin vase filler inside of my pumpkin jar and used the remainder of the mini pumpkins on some trays on the counters.  Clearly I’m a fan of small seasonal touches and I love pumpkins and trays.


Glam Room 6Glam Room 2Glam Room 3Glam Room 4Glam Room 5Glam Room 1

Fall Flowers | Pumpkins | Mercury Gourd 

Last but not least, my favorite room of the house…. my glam room.  Since one closet and dresser isn’t enough storage for Zach and I, We made the spare room our office and my glam room.  Here I store all of my clothing, shoes, accessories, and handbags and where I get ready for the day.  I recently purchased this bookshelf from Ikea and decorated it with fashion books and knick knacks that I had.  The mercury gourd is from Homegoods, the faux suede pumpkins from Target, and the mini white pumpkins are from Marshalls (couldn’t link these but linked similar ones). I’ve had this pearlized pumpkin forever but like I said, go get yourself some plain ones from a craft store and paint them yourself.  This one was an off white/yellow color but I repainted it to match the house.  I spend most of my time in this room getting dressed, taking photos, and writing blog posts so I wanted to make it a little extra festive.

Like I said before, seasonal decor doesn’t have to break the bank.  To make things exactly the way you want my take longer, but crafting is so fun to do with friends and it’s less pricey than buying them.  If I lived with girlfriends this year I think it would have been so fun to craft our own pumpkins for fall and put them around our apartment!  Just adding these subtle and simple touches can bring in the new seasons and make your home feel and look refreshed.  Remember to always look in the Target dollar spot and look for budget friendly seasonal decor styles so you can bring in the new season in style without breaking the bank! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @everydayxelizabeth to see more home decorating ideas like these along with fashion and beauty content! Xx



Favorite Fall Lip

Fall Lip 3Fall LipFall Lip Kiss

If you can’t tell, fall is my favorite season.  I’m obsessed with all of the pumpkin flavored sweets, the chilly nights perfect for bonfires, comfy oversized sweaters, and of course the soft yet dramatic makeup trends.  Obviously fall makeup is my favorite of all time.  The warm metallic eyeshadow palettes, the bold lip, and fresh, clean matte skin gets me every time.  I love to play around with all of my products the time of year because the weather cools down and your makeup won’t melt off of your face like it does in the summer heat.  If I had to pick one makeup product I couldn’t live without, it would probably be lipstick.  It ties your look together and there are endless shades to try that look amazing on every different skin tone.  I found the perfect fall lip to tie any look together with a shade that looks universally beautiful on everyone.

During the autumn and winter seasons, I love a good matte lip.  They’re long lasting and polish off your look so effortlessly.  But during this chilly season, your lips can get pretty dry.  Always be sure to use lip balm or oils, and exfoliate your lips often.  This liquid lipstick has a matte finish, yet doesn’t make your lips feel chapped or cakey.  The Balm Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands ever.  Their makeup lines are so cheeky and they have really great formulas.  My favorite products they have are their bronzer and their liquid lipsticks.  The lipstick formula is so good that I have four full sized shades and six minis.  My ultimate fall lip includes this lip liner in the shade ‘nude’ and this liquid lipstick in ‘committed’.  I’m obsessed with this lip liner.  I use it every single day because its a great universal nude and it looks great under every lipstick.  It’s such a warm pigment that brightens your skin without clashing with your skin tone or outfit.  Pair this lip with a shimmery gold eyeshadow and you’re ready to rock the season.

If you try this lip combination be sure to tag me in your photos or send me a DM on Instagram @everydayxelizabeth so I can see your beautiful faces rocking this lippie! Xx

Sunday Night Routine

bed 2bed 1bed 3

The Sunday scaries can get intense at times, especially when you have a busy week approaching.  It’s very important to prepare for the week so you avoid feeling anxious and unprepared.  I’m so excited to share my Sunday night routine for you all to see how I get ready for the upcoming week!

In a dream world, I’d like to go to the grocery store and meal prep for the week on a Sunday but I love going grocery shopping with Zach and planning our dinners for the week with him so we do all of that every Monday after work since he wants to relax on Sundays.

To get my life in order, I like to check my planner and add everything in there and I also like to make to-do lists for every day of the week so I can be as efficient and organized as possible.  It’s so satisfying crossing a task off of my to do list.  It’s also much easier having about three tasks to accomplish per day versus having a super long list of things to get done all in one day.  I have this planner and I absolutely love it.  It comes with stickers and has weekly layouts as well as monthly ones.  The best part is its totally customizable and has add on features that you can buy separetly. Mine is black leather with my monogram in rose gold with a rose gold spiral as well!  Bonus: everything on their site is currently 25% off and free shipping over $75!

That’s mostly what I do to get my mentality ready and motivated for the week so let’s get onto the physical preparation!

I absolutely believe that it is so important to take care of yourself because you only have one body for the rest of your life.  To prep my body for the week, I like to take a shower, shave, and use this body lotion to moisturize my skin.  Lately, I’ve been super lazy with my self tanner but I usually self tan on Sunday as well.  I’m seriously loving this self tanner right now.  It works for sensitive skin, it’s very moisturizing, and smells like coconut!

After my shower, I like to do a face mask and my lip care routine.  My favorite face masks are this GlamGlow mask and this Loreal mask.  Both masks deeply cleanse your skin and are cool and relaxing.  Right before bed, I pat this luxury marula oil all over my face and lips to add extra moisture.  After I wash off my mask, I like to exfoliate and moisturize my lips.  My lips tend to get dry because I have a habit of licking them too much and matte lipsticks really dry out my lips as well.  I start off by using an this lip exfoliator.  I recently ran out of an old one I’ve had for forever so i picked this one up and it does a good job.  Then, I use this lip mask from Mary Kay, rinse it off, and apply my favorite conditioning chapstick.

Now, onto hair.  I keep it super simple and spray this Redkin Treatment Spray in my hair to condition it and avoid heat damage; then let my hair air dry until Monday morning.  Every two weeks or so I like to use this hair mask.  I got it as a Christmas gift and it makes my hair super shiny and silky.  I use it after I come home from a vacation or after a week where I’ve styled my hair a lot.

Finally, my favorite part of my Sunday is slipping into my pajamas and watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on the couch with Zach in our clean house with a fall candle lit and a cup of hot tea in hand.  This stress relief tea is my favorite and I drink a cup every night before bed.  I always try remember to stay hydrated and have a good dinner to start the week.  Whether it’s healthy or a guilty pleasure food, I try to enjoy it and set the mood for a positive work week .  However you spend your Sunday, just do you and what makes you happy and calms your nerves. I hope this article gave some ideas on how to make your Sunday stress disappear. Xx