Skincare While Traveling

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Out of Office Travel Set

If you haven’t gotten the hints by now, I’ve been hinting that I am traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I’m not ready to reveal where just yet, but it is super exciting and I’m dying to tell you!  In honor of college fall breaks and Thanksgiving travels coming up, I’m sharing how to take care of your skin while traveling, flying, or on vacation.  Whether it’s the holiday treats, traveling stress, or final exams creeping up on you, your skin can take a toll for the worse which is why it is so important to know how to take care of your skin when life takes over.

My skin gets freaked out when I travel and I’m not sure if it’s because of the airplane, different foods I’m eating, or a different routine.  Before we even get to the actual traveling part, lets talk about a few things:

have a skincare routine.

First things first: if you don’t have a skincare routine by now… you need one.  Having a skincare routine is crucial to fighting aging, skin cancers, and acne.  For a basic skincare routine, all you need is a gentle cleanser, toner, and a light moisturizer with SPF.  After you get the hang of a basic routine, you can add a night serum or acne spot treatment if you feel the need.  I’ve heard that vitamin C serums are great for every skin type and I’ve used this acne spot treatment for years now and I still recommend it to everyone!  I’ll make a post all about my morning skincare routine soon, but for now, read my nightly skincare routine to see all of the products I’m currently using.

invest in travel sized products.

Before you even start packing for your trip, think about what skincare products you can’t live without and either decant them into travel sized bottles or purchase your holy grail products in prepackaged travel sizes.  This Clinique gift set comes with three full sized products and three travel sized ones.  I’ve used this set forever now and it’s still my favorite.  You can also purchase these products separately if you wish.  Personally, I just buy my skincare products in travel sized containers because it’s more convenient for me and saves me time, but feel free to do as you wish.

the night before.

The night before traveling it’s crucial to prep your skin by exfoliating and hydrating.  the night before your flight exfoliate your skin with an exfoliating wash or mask.  (I recommend the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub.  It uses rice granules instead of micro-beads so it isn’t harming the environment.  It’s also fragrance free to avoid skin irritation.)  After you have finished exfoliating, follow up with your typical skincare routine.

the morning before.

The morning before your flight is the perfect time to lock in moisture and hydrate your skin.  I like to use a hydrating mask like the Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet mask or the Neutrogena Hydro Boost sheet mask.  I prefer sheet masks over traditional ones because I can multitask and I can also bring one to do on the plane.  Both of these masks are super hydrating and leave your skin refreshed and nourished!

while flying.

My number one recommendation: if you can, avoid wearing makeup on the plane.  Makeup can clog your pores and the air is super dry on an airplane which can cause breakouts.  If you have a meeting or have plans after you land, bring a small makeup bag (I’m obsessed with this one) with your makeup basics along with a cleanser and moisturizer to apply in the airplane bathroom before landing!

Since the air is so drying on airplanes, it’s important to retain skin’s moisture, and there’s no better way to do so than with a facial oil.  This Drunk Elephant marula oil is the one and only facial oil I’ve ever tried and it will aid in avoiding dehydration on the plane. I apply a few drops before the flight.  (I have combination/dry skin so I apply 3 drops every hour on the flight but for oily skin I’s only apply 2 drops.)

after landing.

Once you get to your destination, be sure to take extra care of your skin the first night.  I like to exfoliate again and apply a mixture of the marula oil and a good moisturizer.  I stick to my usual moisturizer which is the Clinique Moisturizing Lotion+.  I don’t use a bunch of different products because of my sensitive and acne prone skin.  If I feel the need I will also use another sheet mask that night too.


It’s so important to drink tons of water while traveling to avoid breakouts and keep your skin hydrated.  Water really does wonders for your body and skin and when you’re traveling, take all of the moisture and hydration you can get!  Don’t forget to take care of the rest of your skin while traveling: use body lotion daily, apply hand cream on the plane and before bed, (this Neutrogena one is my favorite and can be used on your knees, elbows, and lips too!) and always bring lip balm.  (Extremely obsessed with this Burt’s Bees one!)  There’s nothing worse than dry, chapped lips!

Whether you have dry or oily skin, hydration is crucial to maintaining your skin’s balance.  Even oily skin can suffer from traveling due to producing more oil in order to overcompensate from moisture loss.  With dry skin, moisture loss can cause skin flakes, painful breakouts, and cracked skin.  Be sure to follow these steps to keep your skin happy and hydrated!

Do you have any tricks for taking care of your skin when traveling?  Let me know them in the comments!  Follow along @everyday_elizabeth_ for more fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration.

What’s in my Travel Bag | Surviving a Long Flight

Happy Thursday babes!  I hope you all are having a great week and have an exciting weekend planned.  I’ve been hinting at some exciting things coming up this month and if you haven’t guessed yet, stay tuned to find out!   I’m writing this post in case somebody is traveling for the holidays and needs tips to stay occupied while enduring a long travel day.  Just to give a little hint, I will be traveling this Thanksgiving and I’m beyond excited!    Today, I’m sharing the ways I’ll survive a long flight without wanting to pull my hair out from boredom.

I don’t take long flights often so when I have a flight thats longer than I’m used to, I get nervous I’ll be bored out of my mind and run out of things to do while waiting to get to my destination.  Over time, I learned a few things that help me out while traveling a long distance away from home.

pack a travel bag.

the most crucial part of surviving a long flight is to pack a bag with essential items that you can’t live without while on the plane.  Here’s what’s in my travel bag:

carry on list

Laptop Case | Planner | Portable Battery | Book | Headphones | S’well Bottle | Pen Lippe Balm | RX Bar | Satin Pillow and Sleep Mask

only pack a carry on.

So let’s get something straight… I like getting dressed up, putting makeup on, and doing my hair… and that takes A TON of product.  You don’t realize how many products you use until you have to pack it all in a suitcase.  When it comes to packing, all of the glitz and glam can be bulky and take up a lot of space.  Be sure to take the time and put all of your toiletries in those little bottles and invest in some travel size makeup, hair, and skincare products.  This will save a lot of space which you can use for fitting your clothes!  Another thing, get some packing cubes.  These little suckers are great for compacting all of your goodies so you won’t have to check a bag.  This will be the first time I will be packing all of my goodies in just a carry on and honestly, I’m nervous that it all won’t fit.  I’ll be sure to make a blog post all about how I will be packing for my holiday coming up in the next few weeks.  I’m choosing to go carry on only because the last time I traveled, I made it to my destination, but my luggage did not.  That was the worst experience I’ve had when it comes to traveling because I didn’t even have makeup wipes or pajamas and I traveled in the winter and it was my first time experiencing snow.  Call me paranoid, but this time, I’m determined on not checking any luggage.

dress comfortably.

One of the worst things about traveling is feeling uncomfortable in your clothes while traveling.  Most people would choose comfort over style, but I don’t feel like you need to choose! I mean, why not be comfortable and stylish at the same time?! Airplane temperatures can be unpredictable at times so it’s best to layer.  Personally, I get cold on a flight so I love layering to keep warm on the plane and then shed layers when I get to my destination.  Here are some of my favorite items to travel in:

travel outfit inspo

Zella Legging | Adidas Hoodie | Black Sneakers | Denim Jacket | Grey Joggers | Striped Tee | Grey Cardigan | Graphic Tee | Miller Sandals | Distressed Jeans

take a nap.

For some reason, I automatically fall asleep after the plane takes off.  I’m not sure if it’s because I get anxious before flights and them I’m relaxed after I make it on the plane, if the motion of the plane relaxes me, or I’m relieved that I conquered the airport but your girl just passes out for hours.  I guess I’m lucky because I spend most flights asleep, but if you can’t fall asleep, put some headphones in and listen to calming sounds like ocean waves or rain to relax and keep calm.  (Remember to download all of your music/calming sounds before your flight.) Also, set a timer on your phone before you take a nap to avoid over sleeping.

get some work done or research your destination.

On my upcoming trip, I’m bringing my laptop so I can catch up on work and blog posts while I’m on holiday.  I’ll most likely be writing blog posts or doing some sort of work for the blog while I’m flying.  If you’re anything like me and you always have to be doing something, then by all means work while traveling!  There’s usually wifi on flights nowadays, and sometimes you don’t even need it for what you are working on.  Whether it’s putting final touches on that work presentation, or writing a term paper for your college classes, take this time and be productive so you can feel stress free when you land.


Traveling can be a hassle.  Just sit back, read a book, doodle in a notebook, or listen to music.  You’ll most likely be needing all of your energy to spend living it up on vacation, so rest up while you can!  Whatever you choose to do to pass the time while traveling just relax, be prepared, and enjoy the journey!  I hope you have a joyful Thanksgiving and safe travels!

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Labor Day Weekend Vacation

Nike Disney 3Epcot entranceAnimal Kingdom 3

Let’s be real… in Florida, the most fun thing to do is go to the happiest place on earth to forget all of your adulting troubles and be a kid again.  To make that even better, Epcot’s food and wine event started on August 30, 2018 and continues until November 12, 2018 so what better way to celebrate a long weekend by a quick getaway to Disney to have a few drinks, try some good food, and ride a few rides in this hot weather.  I’m going to tell you everything you need to know from what I wore, to the parks, the food (and wine of course), the hotel, and my overall experience.

what I wore.

Normally when I go to a Disney park, I dress in activewear because it’s a lot of walking and standing, and it’s also extremely hot, sunny, and at times rainy.  Labor Day weekend was no exception.


Epcot 1Epcot 3Epcot 2

Top | Bra | Shorts | Shoes

The first day I wore this simple black Lululemon tank and white running shorts with one of my favorite pairs of tennis shoes.  There’s nothing like a little black and white combination that never goes out of style, even in activewear and it’s great to have a few neutral staple pieces that are easy to mix and match.  Also, I have this sports bra in black, white, and nude because I really love it.  I normally wear it for high intensity workouts like running because I am a little bustier so I need all of the support I can get.  This sports bra is even good for smaller chested ladies because it gives a little push due to the bra-like inside that claps in the front and then has a zipper closure as well.  This bra comfortable, gives great support, and doesn’t give a “uni-boob” which is my absolute pet peeve.  I got my usual bra size (34D for reference) and I would highly recommend it.

Nike DisneyNike Disney 4Nike Disney 5

Top | Bra | Shorts | Shoes

On the next day,  I went to Epcot again with my mom and my honey for some more yummy snacks and drinks.  Of course I couldn’t leave my favorite athleisure top behind!  I wear this top about once a week and I am debating getting another.  This color is so flattering on everyone and its only $35.  Typically, I wear a size medium in tops but in this one I had to order an extra large because I prefer a looser fit.  I added the link to where I purchased mine but I’m sure you can find it in other colors from other retailers like Kohls, Finish Line, Nike, etc.  Almost every girl has at least one pair of running shorts because they are so comfortable, and out of all the brands I’ve tried, I really love the Under Armor ones the best.  I think they fit better and are softer versus the other ones I’ve tried.  I sized up one just because I felt my usual size was too snug in the booty and thigh area.  I felt hot in my tennis shoes so I wore my Tory Burch Millers which were fairly comfortable for a few hours but then I got a little uncomfortable because of all of the walking and I don’t think my feet were used to walking in them for that long at a time.

Disney Springs 1Disney Springs 2

Dress | Shoes

For dinner, I packed my go to ruched dress because it is so comfortable, easy to dress up or down, and is overall a great staple.  I personally think it’s a little pricy for a basic dress but nothing beats a high quality basic staple that will last for years and comes in a ton of colors.  I wanted to wear my favorite espadrilles but they didn’t fit in my suitcase and there was a lot of walking at Disney Springs so I stuck with my go to sandals.  It’s still super hot in Florida so I kept my look summer friendly instead of dressing for fall.  I have this dress in four colors and it is such a flattering, budget friendly staple piece that will look amazing on every body type.

Animal Kingdom 4Animal Kingdom 2Animal Kingdom 1

Outfit Details

Tank | Bra | Leggings | Shoes

Finally, the last day for Animal Kingdom, I wore this easy combo.  My top is a dupe for a more expensive one and it has mesh all over it which was perfect for the little gusts of wind to cool me off.  Then, I wore my favorite summer leggings in this light olive color.  These leggings come in different lengths, are thin and breathable for summer, and aren’t see through at all.  They also go on sale very often so they are super budget friendly.  I wear these leggings multiple times a week and I know I recommend them all the time but they are seriously the best leggings for warm weather.

AK 3AK 2Cutting BoardFranceFrance 2


I was excited to ride a bunch of rides over the course of the weekend but Test Track stopped in the middle of the ride while I was on it so they had to shut down the ride and cast members had to come get us and we had to walk through the ride to an exit.  I was a little bummed out I couldn’t finish the ride but the cast members were kind enough to give everyone who got stuck a fast pass and I used that to ride Soarin’.   I love Soarin’ so much because it’s an easy going ride and you watch a projection of different part of the world that you are traveling through.  It’s so realistic and beautiful and they even add the smells into the ride.  Once we were traveling through Africa and you could smell the grass and dirt.  There was a different scent for each location which was super cool.

We were supposed to ride Spaceship Earth (the golf ball thing)  but there was a huge leak and the fire department didn’t declare it safe to ride.  We did however ride Mission Space, a ride where you go through astronaut training and land the space shuttle on mars or take it around the world.  Zach and I decided to do the more intense version where the simulator spins up to thirty five miles an hour to make it feel like you’re going into space and holy cow they weren’t kidding when they said it was the more intense version.  I was so disoriented and dizzy after that ride but overall it was super fun.

At Animal Kingdom, we had “extra magic hours” which is extra time in a park only available to hotel guests.  The park opened at 8am and Zach and I really wanted to ride the Pandora ride but we couldn’t get a Fast Pass for it so we used our extra magic hours and headed straight to the Flight of Passage ride as soon as the park opened.  It wasn’t even five minutes after we got into the park that the wait for the ride was over an hour.  We decided to wait in line because we really wanted to ride it because of the raving reviews we’ve heard about it and we are so glad we did because it was SO. MUCH. FUN.  Basically, you get on this simulator that’s shaped kind of like a motorcycle and watch a projection with 3D glasses and it’s like you are riding a banchi from the Avatar movie through the Avatar world.  I mean the simulator breathes like a real animal and you can feel it.  To be honest, the wait was so worth it because this ride was so realistic and fun!

Okay enough about the rides lets get to the good stuff.

ChampagneDinner 1charcutterieMimosaBao BunBrisket

bites & sips.

Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is seriously the best thing ever.  There are so many varieties of food and drinks to try from different countries and the festival lasts a few months so you don’t have to overindulge in one day, instead you can try something new each time you visit the park over the course of the festival.  Not going to lie, I tried a lot of food and a few drinks and some of them were so yummy that I went back and got them again the next day.  My top drinks were the St-Germain Sparkling Kir from France and the Mimosa Royale from Morocco.  The St. Germain was my absolute favorite because it was so refreshing and bubbly in the heat of the day.  I try to stick to wine and champagne only because I get sick from all the other types of alcohol and I was glad the park had a lot of options for every different type of alcohol you prefer.

When it comes to food, I absolutely loved the Charcuterie in a Cone from the Spain restaurant.  I only ate the olives and cheese and gave the meat to Zach but it was a super delicious snack, I went back and got it again.  Another thing I loved was the Beef Brisket Sandwich from America.  I’m not a big red meat eater but this was my absolute favorite thing I tried during vacation.  It had a little horseradish sauce on it which gave a little kick.  I got this from the same booth that had the lobster roll which I hear is amazing also.  I definitely ate too much food but I didn’t eat lunch that day so it worked itself out.

The food and wine festival has so many different varieties of food and beverages so everyone is bound to find something that tickles their tastebuds.  It is definitely worth the money to go and try a bunch of different things and have fun with great company.

Hotel 2Hotel 1


I know I didn’t get a lot of pictures from the hotel but that’s only because we were having so much fun in the park!  We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the hospitality cast members were so helpful and extremely nice.  The hotel was pretty big and we stayed in a two queen bed room with a pool view.  We stayed on the second floor and it was very quaint and relaxing.  I figured we would be able to hear all of the kids running around in the halls in the morning but it was actually pretty quiet.  The wallpaper was a map of Africa with different animals all over it.  The decor was done really well honestly because the furniture matched the wallpaper and that bathrooms and shower curtains matched the entire room.  Disney really makes your hotel stay an experience and we had a fabulous time at this hotel.


Overall, this vacation was really great because we had so much fun!  Minus the long lines for rides, (which is expected) our dinner reservation being pushed pack an hour late, the rain, some rides closing, we had a great time!  The food was phenomenal, the hotel was super relaxing, and the parks were such a blast!  Even if you don’t have children, Disney vacations are so fun.  There’s so much to do and see on Disney property you will never get bored.  Zach and I have a bucket list on Disney restaurants to try and hotels to stay at and this trip was so much fun together.  Little getaways with out significant other are so important so you can shake up your routine.  Even though we were tired when we got home, we had a great time together and we can’t wait to go back on another vacation! Xx