Fall Home Decor | How To Decorate A Small Space

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The only time I decorate my house is for the fall and winter holidays.  Even then I don’t go all out and have thousands of seasonal decorations because: a) I’m balling on a budget just like everyone else, b) it’s not practical, c) I like my house to be organized and tidy, and d) I don’t have enough room in my home to have boxes on boxes of seasonal items.  I live in an apartment at the moment and though it is bigger than the apartments I’ve lived in in college, it’s still not super spacious.  Over the years I’ve found ways to add seasonal touches to my home that don’t overpower your existing decor and doesn’t take up too much space.

My entire home is decorated with the same color scheme so it’s easy for me to move things around the house and give each room a new look without having anything clashing with each other.  When it comes to fall decor, I continue to stick with a complimentary color scheme.  Along with the style of decor, I don’t really buy any budget busting items so I find everything from craft stores, Target, Homegoods, TJMaxx, etc.  I’ll try to link everything I can or link similar items for you all!


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Apothecary Jar | Mini Pumpkins | Frame | Mugs | Cake Stand | White Pumpkin | Bar CartBasket | Straws | Napkins | Coasters | Mercury Pumpkin

I’ve had this bar cart since my senior year of college.  I was dying to make my apartment super glam and girly since I was living on my own with just my pup at the time and I ended up buying it for a baby shower to use as a mimosa bar and then I kept it for myself after!  Bar carts can get super pricey so I found this one on sale and went for it. Bar carts can be used for so many things.  I’ve seen them in offices as coffee bars, closet displays with shoes and accessories on it, and used as nightstands for everyday storage.  I just use mine as a traditional bar cart to add a glam staple piece in my space.

I normally have a vase of flowers but I switched it out for an apothecary jar with little grey and white pumpkins inside.  Originally, the grey pumpkins were orange but the color was staining everything so I decided paint them myself.  I also added a cake stand with a pumpkin on top to weigh down my cocktail napkins.  This fall printable I made myself but Pinterest has some super cute (and free) fall printables as well.  Lastly, I switched around my bar cart storage on the bottom shelf to add this mercury style pumpkin that matches my lamp.  My bar cart is my absolute favorite item in my home and I will most likely own it for the rest of my life!  I can’t wait to be a hostess for the holidays and dress it up for a holiday party or dinner.


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Grey Pumpkins | Small Pumpkins | Basket | Throw Pillow

Since Zach and I spend most of our time in the living room and kitchen area, I decided to concentrate most of the decor in here.  These two grey pumpkins in the basket were originally orange but I painted them to match my home.  You can find inexpensive faux pumpkins at craft stores and decorate them anyway you want.  On my coffee table I went ahead and kept the same tablescape the same but removed the candles that are normally there and added small pumpkins and a fall scented candle.  White Barn candles are my favorite but lately I’ve been finding great quality candles for really affordable prices at Marshalls and TJMaxx.  My fall pillow is older from Target but there are cute fall throw pillows everywhere this time of year.


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Salt + Pepper Shakers | White + Gold Pumpkins | Tray | Pinecones 

I chose to keep the kitchen decorating to a minimal since its highly used throughout the day and we cook and clean everyday so it would be a pain to move unnecessary things around all the time.  All I added was a small fall candle, two baby pumpkins, fall salt and pepper shakers from Publix, and decorative dish towels I received as a gift.  I love our dining nook with this tray I found that I’m probably going to use during winter as well and added some candles and pine cone vase filler.  Like I said, simplicity is bliss!


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Pumpkin Jar | Pumpkin Vase Filler 

I’m going to keep these rooms short and sweet.  Just added some pumpkin vase filler inside of my pumpkin jar and used the remainder of the mini pumpkins on some trays on the counters.  Clearly I’m a fan of small seasonal touches and I love pumpkins and trays.


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Fall Flowers | Pumpkins | Mercury Gourd 

Last but not least, my favorite room of the house…. my glam room.  Since one closet and dresser isn’t enough storage for Zach and I, We made the spare room our office and my glam room.  Here I store all of my clothing, shoes, accessories, and handbags and where I get ready for the day.  I recently purchased this bookshelf from Ikea and decorated it with fashion books and knick knacks that I had.  The mercury gourd is from Homegoods, the faux suede pumpkins from Target, and the mini white pumpkins are from Marshalls (couldn’t link these but linked similar ones). I’ve had this pearlized pumpkin forever but like I said, go get yourself some plain ones from a craft store and paint them yourself.  This one was an off white/yellow color but I repainted it to match the house.  I spend most of my time in this room getting dressed, taking photos, and writing blog posts so I wanted to make it a little extra festive.

Like I said before, seasonal decor doesn’t have to break the bank.  To make things exactly the way you want my take longer, but crafting is so fun to do with friends and it’s less pricey than buying them.  If I lived with girlfriends this year I think it would have been so fun to craft our own pumpkins for fall and put them around our apartment!  Just adding these subtle and simple touches can bring in the new seasons and make your home feel and look refreshed.  Remember to always look in the Target dollar spot and look for budget friendly seasonal decor styles so you can bring in the new season in style without breaking the bank! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @everydayxelizabeth to see more home decorating ideas like these along with fashion and beauty content! Xx