England Travel Diary

I am FINALLY back in the states from a long trip to England.  This trip was filled with fun, food, views, and tons of photos (so be prepared to see them all.)  I can’t wait to share all of the details from this amazing vacation like food, fashion, and views so be sure to keep reading!  


sweatshirt | denim jacket | leggingsscarfsneakers
hoodie | jeans | sneakers | beanie
jacket (similar) | sweater | jeans (similar) | otk boots 

hoodie | joggers | sneakers
jacket (similar) | sweatshirt | leggings | scarf | sneakers

I knew that it was going to be pretty cold in England and I knew that rainy weather was very common.  Almost every day it rained a little bit.  There was only one day where it rained all the time so that made for fairly good weather the entire time I was there!  The crazy thing was that it got dark super early so by three in the afternoon which didn’t make for good lighting for photos (LOL).  I had to wake up around seven every morning so we could run out of the door to explore the town and snap a few outfit pictures.  

Because I was traveling, I had to pack a little light so I picked a color scheme and stuck to it.  That’s why you see a lot of black, white, and grey in my outfits.  I planned on wearing a dress one day but it was super cold so I was only able to wear jeans and leggings the entire time.  Street style was definitely an inspiration for me in these looks and it was perfect to experiment with street stye looks because there was a ton of walking (like over 50 miles in one week to be specific) and honestly, I love how these looks came out! I think that I am going to incorporate more of it into my style.


On the flight over to England, I was super nervous about what I was going to eat while I was there.  I can be somewhat of a picky eater and I have quite a few dietary restrictions so I was freaking out a little.  I didn’t get that many pictures of the food over there because I hardly ate and there was a lot I couldn’t eat.  

There’s something called a sugar tax in England to try to get people to stop consuming so much sugar.  All of the sodas served in restaurants are either the zero calorie or diet version of sodas.  When I would go to a convenient store to get a full calorie soda (I know its bad for me but I need caffeine daily and Starbucks didn’t have almond milk, don’t judge), it didn’t even taste the same as the sodas in America because they use sugar made from vegetables instead of high fructose corn syrup.  Overall I did try new things like tai food and everything I got the chance to try was delicious.  


Lastly, I absolutely can’t get over how GORGEOUS the views were in England!  Holy Moly literally everything is beautiful there.  Almost every building is very old and I just loved the look of natural brick and stone buildings.  Every town I visited besides London had a small town, village vibe and I couldn’t get enough of it.  

I also got the chance to visit old Abbeys where nuns used to live and was able to see some of the ruins that were still standing today.  My absolute favorite thing I saw were the old cathedrals.  I mean the detailing on those churches were so intricate and you really don’t see such elaborate spaces like that in the states.  The architecture on all of the cathedrals I visited can’t be recreated.  The photos I took of everything really don’t do these places justice!

Now that I’ve experienced a new country, it makes me want to travel to other places in Europe and experience different things and different cultures.  I would love to go back to England and see more things, try new foods, and obviously shop more!  Until my next adventure, follow along on Instagram @everyday_elizabeth_ to see more fashion, beauty, and life goodies! Xx

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