Trending Fall Styles

CamoCamo 2

Keeping this one short and sweet.  Here are the top three fall trends that you need to know to stay on trend this season:

Animal Prints & Camouflage

This season, camo, snakeskin, and leopard print are all the rage!  Personally, I tend to be drawn more to solids but I am so obsessed with these prints!  I have a few camo tops that I love but I have yet to find a leopard print item to purchase yet.  When it comes to leopard print, the most featured (and popular) clothing item by far in this style are shoes.  Since leopard print is neutral, it’s easy to pair with your favorite basics to add a little flare.

I don’t know about you, but I am loving the camouflage trend going on right now.  I thought this trend would be over after summer but I’m so glad it’s still going on!  You can find really cute pieces from sweats to jeans to jackets and tees!  I have a few camo tees and I wear them every week because they are simple and easy to pair with my favorite cardigans and denim or leggings.

Recently, I’ve hopped on the snakeskin print bandwagon and hey…. I’m not ashamed of it!  Lately, I’ve been attracted to the grey and white patterns and even some of the nude ones too.  I guess you could say that I love a good trend in neutral colors since it adds a small and subtle touch to every outfit no matter what you wear!  I have a pair of snakeskin mules on my wishlist for this season so I’m hoping to get those sometime soon.

Items I’m Loving


Camo Clare Tee ($38) | Nana Bootie ($99.95) | SPANX Seamless Legging ($68)


This trend is super popular in sweaters right now and you can find some really adorable ones for a really good price!  I typically stick to neutrals so I’m waiting for the perfect one to catch my eye before I die into this trend but I’m loving the color combinations in so many of these color block sweaters so much.  Sometimes it’s nice to add a pop of color into  your fall wardrobe.  If you haven’t noticed, I love to have a comfortable, casual, and cool style so oversized sweaters are right up my alley.  They are cozy enough to wear all day and pair with jeans/leggings so well and also look great with denim shorts or joggers when fall weather isn’t in full swing yet.

Items I’m Loving


Mock Neck Sweater ($49) | Olive Color Block Cardigan ($44) | Mauve Sweater ($48)


Okay okay.  The last fall trend I want to talk about are hats.  The only hats that I used to wear were baseball caps.  Though I still wear those constantly, I have recently found my love for a different type of hat.  These hats dress up any outfit and bring your look to the next level.  I have a black one and I wear it as often as I can because I can’t get enough of how perfect it makes all of my looks.  I’m buying a nude one soon so I can create even more looks.  Berets are also coming back into style which makes for a great accessory as well.

Items I’m Loving


Panama Hat in Rose ($20) | Wool Beret in Tan ($13) | Felt Floppy Hat in black ($23)


Thats all I have for current fall trends in this blog post! Check out my instagram @everydayxelizabeth to see more fall looks & how outfit inspiration!

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