My Nightly Skincare Routine

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If you have been following me for the past few months, you know that I am a major skincare fanatic.  I love all things makeup and beauty and the best way to look and feel beautiful is with your skin.  It is so important to take care of your skin and to keep it healthy, you always want to avoid premature aging and potential skin cancer.  Clean skin is happy skin so I want to share my night time skin care regime with you all!

If you don’t know, for the past two years I’ve suffered from cystic acne.  Years ago, I hardly had any breakouts unless it was around that time of the month but due to some birth control issues I developed cystic acne and let me tell you…. it is definitely not pretty and my face was hurting all the time.  I started to wear more makeup to try to cover up my unsightly blemishes but it made things worse and my confidence plummeted.  I’ve always taken care of my skin since I was around eleven or twelve but I never thought my face would become as bad as it was.

After months of dermatologists appointments and trying every breakout treatment, facial, and wash under the sun, and was about to try Acutane… it wasn’t until I switched to a new dermatologist to finally take control of my acne.  About a year has past since I started taking medication and using a few prescription topical creams; but I’ve recently changed up my routine and added some new products that I’m loving and wanted to share my most recent nightly skin routine.

Step 1: Remove Makeup

To kick off my routine, if I wear makeup that day (which I normally do) I take my makeup off with these micellar water facial wipes.  I used to use a cotton pad and makeup remover from a bottle but I started to get eyelash extensions so I switched to these.  Normally with makeup wipes, I feel like they don’t take off all of my makeup and they would leave an oily residue on my skin which made me frightful of future breakouts, but these wipes make my skin feel like it can breathe and they don’t leave any trace of residue.

Step 2: Cleanser

When I first learned a real skin care routine, I started off using only Lancome products.  Though they tend to last a long time, they quickly became expensive so I went on the hunt to find a skincare line that was just as good and soothed my sensitive skin.  That’s when I decided to give Clinique a go.  I’ve always known this brand works miracles for sensitive and acne prone skin, but I never really had the urge to try it until a few months ago when I ran out of my usual toner.  I truly love this cleanser because it’s so basic, doesn’t irritate my skin, and I actually feel clean when I’m done washing my face.  I also mix this cleanser with a prescription face wash and use my all time favorite Foreo Luna FoFo.  The vibrations cause the cleansers to get foamy and really soak deep into my pores.  I also feel better about not using my hands to wash my face so I can avoid adding oils or germs to my skin.

Step 3: Toner

This brand has a few different types of products to suit your skin type.  In toner, They have four different ones to suit your needs.  I have dry skin from my prescription topical creams so I use the type two formula.  Toner is really good for balancing your skin out, evens out skin tone, and helps get rid of dark spots.  This toner is so refreshing and cools your face down as you glide it across your skin.  It also pulls out any excess makeup or tanner from your face as well.  I got a large bottle and it has lasted me for over two months so far and also came with a pump cap as well as a travel twist cap.

Step 4: Topical Treatments

Along with my prescription topical gels, I recently added this blemish clearing gel.  It smells great and really does work.  It targets acne and blackheads without drying out your skin.  If I have a pimple, I use it as a spot treatment.  I also use it where I tend to get blackheads and I’ve seen a reduction of them as well.  Sometimes when I’m nervous a breakout is coming on, I’ll apply a thin layer of gel all over my face and I wake up with crystal clear skin!  I am such a fan of this topical gel and I recommend it to everyone!

Step 5: Moisturize

The best way to soothe your skin is to moisturize.  This is my favorite part of my routine. After I use this moisturizing lotion my skin feels soft, supple, and calm.  I use the lotion for my dry skin but they also make a moisturizing gel for oily skin types as well.  I’m absolutely in love with this moisturizer because it’s so lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin oily.  I use it all over my face and on my neck to keep it soft and to avoid wrinkles.

Step 6: Oil

I could always use some extra softening and moisturizing so I recently added this luxury marula oil to my routine.  Let me warn you that this oil is a little pricey, but it has done wonders for my skin.  I’ve heard that you can find organic marula oil for less than the one I currently use so I’m planning on researching more on that once I run low on this one.  This oil has made such a difference in my skin.  A little goes a long way so I use about three drops at a time.  The oil has made my skin so moisturized and when I wake up the next morning I have an even skin tone, blemish free skin, and I’m glowing from this oil.  It is universal to every single skin type so you shouldn’t be worried about a reaction to it.  I was skeptical at first but I am so happy I took the plunge and invested in this stuff. If you’re thinking about purchasing any skin care items I highly reccomend this one.  They make a smaller sized bottle for less and it should still last a really long time!

You can get my three favorite full size cleansing products and three travel items in this kit for dry skin or this one for oily skin which I actually purchased when first trying out these products.  They also make mini kits like this dry skin introduction kit  and this oily skin introduction kit as well if you want to try them out first to see if these products are right for you

That’s all I have for my latest nightly skin care routine! Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram @everydayxelizabeth to stay up to date on all of my beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips! Xx

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