Tory Burch Sandals & Dupes

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If you follow other bloggers, go to school, or have just been walking around town… you’ve probably seen the famous Tory Burch sandal that almost everyone and their mother own.  These versatile and comfortable sandals are on the market for $198.  Some people don’t think that’s much to spend on a designer shoe, but for others its a fairly large investment for a pair of flip flops.  The question I get most from people is are they worth the price?  So here I am, giving you all the details you need to know so you can decide if you need them. (Spoiler Alert: you do.)

I got my first pair of Millers when I was a sophomore in college for Christmas and I was sold on these shoes ever since.  Being a Floridian, we wear sandals all the time because it’s only cold in January and February.  I have the exact pair that I was gifted in 2015 and I still wear them to this day.  They are such great quality and are so simple that you could wear them with absolutely anything.  Currently, I have five pairs of Tory Burch Sandals and I wear them every. single. day.  They are comfortable enough for hours of walking and and so versatile… I can’t get enough of them.  I feel like they just pull any outfit together and make you look so fashion forward.  You could wear a basic tee and leggings with a ball cap and still feel like a million bucks in these.  To be truthful, I wear these with athleisure all the time so trust me when I say they look good with everything.

     However, if you still don’t want to pay the designer price, here are some budget friendly options!   Be sure to DM me on @everydayxelizabeth with how you style your Millers! Xx


Tory Burch Miller Splurge v Save

Sam Edelman Carter Thong ($48)

Carter Thong,                         Main,                         color, Black Patent Leather

Tory Burch Miller in Vintage Vachetta ($198)        Franco Fortini Womens Felicia Tan ($55)

  'Miller' Flip Flop,                         Main,                         color, Vintage Vachetta Leather






Tory Burch Miller in Bleach ($198)                        Franco Fortini Womens Felicia Bone ($55)'Miller' Flip Flop,                         Main,                         color, Bleach



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