My Makeup Essentials

7583904000_IMG_1125IMG_32887583904000_IMG_1240IMG_3206     This post is probably going to be one of my faves to share with you all because I absolutely LOVE all things beauty and skincare, especially makeup.  Ever since I was three years old, my grandma would give me one of her old lipsticks and I was just obsessed from there on out.  My aunt would also get me cute little makeup gift sets every year for Christmas when I was in middle school.  Then as I got older and learned how to blend harsh foundation lines and how to take care of my skin, cute little beauty sets turned into Sephora and Ulta gift cards and I began to find products that I just can’t live without.  Of course I don’t wear makeup every single day because 1) I like to give my skin a break, 2) although I love makeup, sometimes I’m really not in the mood to put it on, and 3) it is so hot in Florida during this time of year so makeup practically melts off of your face as soon as you walk out of the door.  When I do apply my face, I love these products:

  1. This primer from Urban Decay.  It makes your skin so smooth, it’s super lightweight, and has SPF 30.
  2. This Loreal foundation  I love foundations that make your skin look glowing because sometimes matte foundations are too drying for me and look unnatural on my skin.  This one has SPF 15, it’s good for normal/dry skin, and it’s only around $12.
  3.  For concealer, I swear by this one.  It has great coverage that’s buildable and comes in so many shades.  Concealer is my favorite part of my makeup routine because I love how it blends and brightens my skin!  This brand just kills it in the beauty game for me overall.  Every single product I’ve tried from them just sets my heart on fire!
  4. Linked my favorite powder here.  It really sets my makeup, makes it stay in place, doesn’t cause any breakouts for me, (and I have super sensitive skin/cystic acne) and makes my face look pore less.
  5. I hardly wear any eyeliner but when I do, I use this one.  It’s creamy and soft, and stays in place.  I got a sample size of this one and it has lasted me so long, I haven’t bought another one for like a year.  I like to put a little liner halfway through my bottom lash line and then blend it out with a smudge brush so the line doesn’t look as harsh.
  6. Next, eyebrows.  I’ve used this brow pencil for years! It’s inexpensive and micro size so its very precise and blends so smoothly. I can do my brows with this in less than three minutes because it is just super easy to use.  I use the shade “brunette.”  I also use this brow gel to stay in place but clear mascara also does the trick. (FYI: if you don’t want another makeup product, use hairspray and an old mascara wand.)
  7. Since i have eyelash extensions, I only wear mascara on my bottom lashes.  I always struggle with finding a mascara that doesn’t fall and smear under my eyes and make me look like a raccoon by the end of the day.  I recently added this lash primer into my routine & this mascara that I’ve used since it high school is amazing.  It curls and lengthens your lashes and lasts all day without smearing.
  8.  Very rarely do I apply eyeshadow, but this palette is my favorite.  The shades are so versatile and natural.   My fave shades are Force of Nature, Natural Beauty, and Wanderer.  For everyday wear and travel, I just blend some bronzer into my crease and call it a day.
  9. Truthfully, I have not found individual bronzers, blushes, and highlighters that I love… but I love a one and done palette for traveling like this one with all three practically universal shades.  I also love this palette: for bronzer in the shade “sculpt” and my favorite highlighter in this palette is called “stunner.”  Also, this blush, bronzer, and shadow palette is small, easy for travel, and comes in skin tone sets.  I use the “fair/light” one when I haven’t tanned recently, and the “medium/tan” when I self tan.
  10. Finally, lip liner and lipstick.  This lip liner is my absolute favorite versatile shade I have ever tried in my life! I literally wear it every single day.  I have an entire drawer filled with lipsticks and I struggle finding the best formula and shade of nude for me, so I honestly wear a different one almost everyday.  However, my go to ones are this one and this one.  I like using both because I think I get the perfect nude pink color I desire and it lasts all day without reapplying.
  11. My favorite setting spray is the iconic Urban Decay All Nighter.  I love the “pollution protection” formula the best!

Well, there you have it!  Now that I write it all out, it seems like I use a lot of products lol. Honestly, I think my favorite/go-to makeup look is easy, simple, and fairly quick to do. I want to let you guys know that I’m not trying to push these products on you at all.  These are products that truly work for me and I feel like I can’t live without them and if you just happen to be looking for a new product of some kind, I’m here to help, be transparent, and tell you what really works for me… and if I manage to help you out in the process, I can’t be more happy!

I’ll post a tutorial on how I do my makeup in the near future!  Until then, feel free to DM me on my instagram @everydayxelizabeth if you have any questions! Xx

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